It is our duty as humans to look after what nature has given us. Instead of abusing it why not embrace the Power of Nature. We all have a part to play…..

Together we hope to build a GREENER future!





We Provide Energy Efficient Renewable Energy

Natural resources have long been used as a means to ease the burden on man…….

EAWEL brings state of the art technology for renewable energy and energy efficiency in order to ease the burden on the Environment.

East African Wind Energy Ltd promises to deliver paramount services and technology to the East African Renewable Energy Sector. Our location and technologies will in no doubt spearhead Kenya as the leaders in this sector within our region..

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Our vision is to be at the forefront of the Renewable Energy Sector in the region. We are able to provide all Renewable Energy solutions to our clients. These would include Wind, Solar, Hybrid systems, Desalination Systems, Remote BTS Solutions, Energy Saving Technology and Power Enhancement. Our goal is to provide the most economic and efficient systems to our users. .
03 June, 2011
AIRCOSAVER gets tested by Kenya Bureau of Standards. 21% savings confirmed on KEBS 36000 BTU air-conditioner, tested at their laboratory..  Test Report

01 January, 2011
EAWEL partners with Amplex, Denmark to provide Smart Grid and Energy Management solutions to the region.

03 Sept, 2010
Official Aircosaver product launch expected by end of October & to appoint national & regional distributors for this product over the next month..